Tendersan sin fosfatos

TENDERSAN Phosphate-free is the multi-functional alternative to phosphates.
Their ingredients are present in nature and have a proved impact on foodstuff.
The range TENDERSAN Phosphate-free has been developed to increase moisture retention and
improve the quality of the final product, preserving juiciness and natural structure.
This is the ideal solution for fish and meat (poultry, pork, beef) industries.


  • Prevents the presence of liquids within packed products.
  • Provides more tender and juicy products.
  • Keeps the fresh natural look of the product.
  • Helps controlling the microbial proliferation.
  • Improves and amplifies the flavor of the product.
  • It dissolves and absorbed very quickly.
  • More friendly statement of the ingredients on the label.


When dissolving TENDERSAN in water, negatively charged molecules are formed and they interact with negatively charged myofibrillar muscle proteins, increasing the interfibrillar space, opening the structure and allowing the entrance of the brine into those spaces. This process affects the fixation of juice and avoids the collapse of muscular structure. The resultant product is more tender and juicy.

TENDERSAN Phosphate-free does not provoke the fibrillar reticulation, which enables meat structure to keep its natural properties.

    How to use it

    Making a brine: TENDERSAN is a powder very easy to dissolve in water, which makes its preparation and absorption very easy too. The dose will depend on the kind of product and the percentage of accumulation, being such factors indicated on the forms of each product. There are different ways to add the brine to the compound:


    Homogeneity, quickness, big pieces of meat or fish, products with a big proportion of fat.


    For thinner pieces.


    Fragile products.



    Helping to preserve their color and microbiological structure.


    Avoiding drip losses when defrosting.


    Preserving natural characteristics and protecting against intense or successive thermal treatments,also avoiding the sensation of a very perverted product.

    Tendersan Phosphate-free Range

    Tendersan-62835-15% performance

    Sal, E-331, E-262, E-301 and vegetal extract
    Brines, injection, massage, immersion. Meat and fish.
    Low pressence of salt.

    Tendersan-818210-35% performance

    E-331, E-301, Sal, E-640, E-500
    Brines, injection, massage, immersion. Meat and fish.
    Low pressence of salt.

    Tendersan-9282 clean label5-30% performance

    Vegetable fibers, Aroma and Salt
    Brines, injection, massage, immersion. Meat and fish.
    Low pressence of salt.

    Tendersan-283 10-25% performance

    Salt, E-262, E-331, E-301, Dextose and spices extract.
    Brines, injection, massage, immersion.
    All kinds of meat.

    Tendersan-708210-35% performance

    Sal, Aromas y E-301.
    Brines, injection, massage, immersion. Meat and fish.
    Low pressence of salt.

    Tendersan-5382 High performance30-60% performance

    Corn starch, Salt, E-262, E-331, Vegetable fibers, Aromas, Rice starch, E-301
    Brines with high percentages of injection.
    Pork and boeuf meat.