One of the most classical recipes of Spanish cuisine. Intense flavor to go along with all kinds of food (pork, chicken, mushrooms or prawns), it should be finally fried in olive oil.

    saborsan-157PINCHO AMARILLO

    Shiny attractive yellow color without brown stains, it will lead to a very aromatic product with the excellent traditional flavour of authentic brochettes.

    saborsan-1293 POLLO A L'AST

    Used to marinate chicken meat with the traditional flavor of roast chicken. Intense and aromatic spiced flavor.

    saborsan-3308 AJO-PEREJIL

    Elaborated with the characteristic Spanish spices to obtain a traditional garlic-parsley profile with a powerful aroma.

    saborsan-6308 BRAVAS

    Specially designed for potatoes, it can also be applied to any kind of food, obtaining the flavor and aroma of this traditional tasty “brava” sauce.

    saborsan-1802 CHISTORRA

    Variety of spiced and smoked chorizo. Intense red color and Spanish taste.

    saborsan-909 ANDALUZ

    Marinated combination of traditional Mediterranean culture, Arab cuisine from Al-Andalus and condiments from America. This will give your preparation an attractive orange color, decorated with green pieces of aromatic herbs and red pieces of pepper.

    saborsan-357 ADOBO

    Shiny attractive red color without brown stains, it will lead to a very aromatic product with the excellent traditional flavour of authentic brochettes.

    saborsan-1357 IBÉRICO

    With the most traditional Spanish spices: paprika and pieces of pepper, garlic and oregano, among others.

    saborsan-3359 HIERBAS

    Combination of carefully selected herbs and spices to season any kind of meat with the characteristic aromatic touch “a las hierbas”. Orangish base which gives the result an unbeatable appearance and taste.

    saborsan-2802 CHORIZO

    Traditional (and well-known around the world) Spanish flavor, with the characteristic red color of paprika and the taste of chorizo.

    saborsan-6802 CHORIZO PICANTE

    Mixture of sweet paprika with a powerful flavor of spicy chorizo.



    It is said that butter could only be found in the kitchens of the wealthy traders, aristocrats and kings during the Middle Age. This is a delicious flavor with an aroma of butter, aromatic plants and something else… quite a luxury for the palate.


    Se dice que en la Edad Media en Europa solo se encontraba la mantequilla en las cocinas de ricos comerciantes, nobles y reyes. Un delicioso aroma a mantequilla aderezado con plantas aromáticas y algo mas...que lo convierten en todo un lujo para el paladar.

    saborsan-308 escalope

    Used to give a delicious flavor to steaks.

    saborsan-3059 pizza

    Prepared for all kinds of foods and elaborated with select spices to get a characteristic taste of pizza. Orange color and powerful aroma.

    saborsan-1408 romero-limón

    This is the combination of very aromatic spices and has a taste of rosemary and a citric touch. It can be used for sauces and all kinds of marinades.

    saborsan-2059 codillo

    Perfect mixture of spices to season knuckle in a German-style.

    saborsan-3602 salami

    Prepared and designed to get a pronounced taste of salami.

    saborsan-6702 paté

    Spiced aromatic profile which gives a characteristic taste of pâté.

    saborsan-807 salsa winnie

    Together with water, it forms a shiny honey-color sauce to be added to meat. You will get an exquisite mustard and honey flavor.

    saborsan-386 ajo-perejil

    Conceived to elaborate the classic garlic-parsley flavor, helping the pieces of ingredients to stay complete and to always look right.

    saborsan-1059 italiano

    Authentic Italian flavor for the perfect mixture of traditional herbs and spices such as tomato, oregano, basil…

    saborsan-1209 tomillo-romero

    Marinade of herbs which is very popular in the Mediterranean área. Intense aroma.

    saborsan-509 bacon

    Quite a mixture of innovation and the most classic flavor, it will allow you to enjoy bacon in any kind of meat (chicken, pork, beef, etc).

    saborsan-2702 frankfurt

    Aromatic powder with a combination of spices, specially designed to obtain the characteristic taste of German Frankfurt sausage.

    saborsan-1402 jamón cocido

    Aromatic powder with a strong boiled ham taste.

    saborsan-2803 nuggets

    Designed to season a meat dough in order to obtain a nuggets flavor, with an aromatic meat taste.


    saborsan-2857 chimichurri

    The most traditional Argentinian seasoning. Ideal to go together with all kinds of meat and obtain an unbeatable taste. The mixture of thyme, oregano, pepper and garlic, among others, makes of this combination the best accompaniment for roast meat.


    Mixture of spices recommended for meat dough to obtain the characteristic flavor of Argentinian creole chorizo, decorated with partially crushed spices of different colors and aromatic Green plants with bits of red pepper. Powerful taste and aroma.

    saborsan-2455 hot-wings

    Conceived to elaborate the famous spicy wings TEX-MEX, with an attractive shiny red color and decorated with pieces of spicy chili.

    saborsan-609 mexicano

    Marinade which gives an intense spiced and spicy Mexican flavor. Red and appealing color.

    saborsan-9059 cajún

    Used in the cuisine of South Louisiana for fantastic meat and fish. The aromatic plants from this marinade are mainly chili and pepper.

    saborsan-709 bbq

    Toasted reddish color with a traditional tomato flavor and a smoked, spiced, sweet and sour touch.

    saborsan-707 parilla

    Very remarkable aromatic and flavoring component.

    saborsan-8702 hot dog

    Combination of spices for a classic flavor of HOT DOG.

    saborsan-2355 tango

    Variation of the traditional Argentinian “Chimichurri”. It is designed to improve the appearance of the marinated meat product and also its preservation.

    saborsan-5893 mariachi

    Mixture of spices and aromas to season all kinds of meat and fish. It has a touch of jalapeño, one the most present varieties of pepper in America (mainly Mexico) due to its taste.

    saborsan-109 tex-mex

    Orange color and characteristic TEX-MEX taste for all kinds of meat.

    saborsan-3893 fajitas

    For a traditional flavor of Mexican fajitas in all kinds of meat.

    saborsan-4893 jalapeño

    This is a very popular, aromatic, tasty and spicy chili.

    saborsan-993 diablo

    Version of the compound for elaborating the famous spicy wings TEX-MEX, with an attractive shiny red color and decorated with pieces of spicy chili.

    saborsan-7308 ketchup

    Mixture of spices to season all kinds of food and obtain the characteristic taste of this intense and aromatic sauce.


    saborsan-3293 Poulet rôti

    Specially conceived to season chicken meat and obtain an intensely spiced and aromatic result.

    saborsan-403 kebab de pollo

    Perfect flavor for chicken meat, this component has a powerful and balanced aroma and taste, turning chicken into a feast.

    saborsan-3503 kofta

    Mixture of spices from Arab and North African cuisines. Ideal for the elaboration of meatballs (“boulettes”), “kofta” or dumplings.

    saborsan-3508 tandoori

    Very popular mixture of spices in India and Pakistan, also known as “Tandoori Masala”. It gives a soft red color and is very aromatic, with a flavor between Arabic and Oriental but adapted to European taste.

    saborsan-4508 massala

    Mixture of traditional spices from Indian cuisine. Characteristic flavor and powerful aroma, together with an attractive red color.

    saborsan-2459 la reunión

    This condiment is inspired by the gastronomy of La Reunión Island, next to Madagascar, and has a mixture of flavors from Europe and Africa, together with China and India. Spiced and very aromatic taste.

    saborsan-9508 teriyaki

    The perfect mixture of soybean, sugar and our special select combination of spices. The result cannot but be delicious.

    saborsan-303 kebab de ternera

    The highly regarded and intense flavor of beef kebab, useful to be applied to any kind of meat (beef, above all).

    saborsan-5503 merguez

    Mixture of ingredients designed to elaborate Merguez (traditional cold meat) and obtain the best results in terms of taste, color and aroma.

    saborsan-295 curry

    Very aromatic, strong yellow color, characteristic taste of curry.

    saborsan-1608 tikka

    Traditional mixture of spices from India and Pakistan, it can be used to season meat and is ideal to prepare the famous Tikka chicken. Shiny red color and very intense aromatic taste.

    saborsan-5508 thai

    Mixture of spices from Indian cuisine. Conceived to season meat and give it a characteristic taste with an intense and very aromatic touch of cinnamon.

    saborsan-0059 chino

    Special combination for a traditional Chinese touch.


    saborsan-1302 Carne

    Designed to increase the perception of meat, with a strong bovine aroma.

    saborsan-2302 grilled meat

    For an intensely aromatic grilled meat profile.

    saborsan-302 boosted

    It gives the nourishment a powerful very volatile meat aroma that can be noticed since the opening of the container of the final product, reinforcing the taste.

    saborsan-2202 roasted chicken

    It increases the perception of grilled/roasted meat.