Powder compounds to quickly elaborate sauces with water and oil
and to marinate all kinds of meat and fish. We can prepare sauces in an easy,
instant and inexpensive way. Such sauces will be very
stable, with exceptional color and brightness, and will also help
the flavor penetrate the meat, obtaining tasty and very juicy marinades.

Para aplicación en:

  • Marinades.
  • Sauces.
  • All types of meat and fish.

Benefits of Marinasan range

  • Easy to use.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Enhanced taste.
  • Variety of flavours.
  • Flavours of the world

    In this new range, we emphasize the following flavors:


    The classic shiny green sauce, with a butter, garlic and aromatic herbs flavour.

    Marinasan-4159 bbq

    Toasted reddish color with a traditional tomato flavor and a smoked, spiced, sweet and sour touch.

    Marinasan-4793 fajitas

    Orange color for a traditional notable flavor of Mexican fajitas.

    Marinasan-4355 tango

    A variation of the traditional Argentinian “Chimichurri”, with an orange color and decorated with red and green pieces of bell pepper and aromatic herbs.

    Marinasan-4759 andaluz

    Attractive yellow-oranish color with green pieces of aromatic herbs and reddish bits of pepper.

    Marinasan-4807 winnie

    Shiny amber-color sauce of an exquisite honey flavor, together with aromatic spices.

    Marinasan-2853 tikka

    Traditional intense red color and Hindu flavor.

    Marinasan-3053 lemon and pepper

    Lemon and pepper over a creamy base.

    Marinasan-6659 short ribs

    New composition for the famous American-style grilled ribs.