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Natural Ingredients

PRESAN-CL is a range of synergistic blends combining extracts of spices and fermented food, with or without vinegar, from natural sources, which allows limiting the growth of harmful microorganisms and thus extending the shelf life naturally in thefood products to which they are added.


Name Labelling


Spice Extracts and Plant Extracts
Powdered Vinegar, Fermented Dextrose and Spice Extracts
Powdered Vinegar, Fermented Dextrose and Spice Extracts
Shelf Life extension

The studies carried out in our applications laboratory demonstrate the effectiveness of our Presan-Cl as can be seen in the graphs.

Study cases


Study in fresh marinated poultry breast packed under atm and stored at 3ºC.

Figure 1. Aerobic mesophilic bacteria count variation during the 21 days of study.

Figures 2-5. Evolution of putrid, typical, acid and rancid flavors after 7, 14 and 21 days in control and treated samples.

According to the results, both natural preservatives maintained the typical sensorial profile for two weeks, avoiding the appearance of putrid flavor, the most important flaw in a sensorial study. The acid and rancid flavor at t=14 in the PRESAN samples were also practically imperceptible while in control samples without PRESAN, on day 7, acid and rancid flavor were perceptible and putrid flavor also was detected.


Study in bread buns inoculated with natural appearing typical yeasts and molds.

Figure 6. Yeasts and molds count variation during the 28 days of the study. The incubator was previously spread with natural appearing yeasts and molds, to accelerate growth.

After two weeks, PRESAN-1801-treated buns have acceptable levels and PRESAN-2200 CL-treated buns remain as the best option. During week three, PRESAN-2200 CL-treated buns show a very low count and it only reaches two logarithmic units at the end of the study (day 28), keeping the product fresh and microbiologically safe.

Natural solutions for the challenges of the future.