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Natural phosphate replacement


Natural Solutions

TENDERSAN-CL is the multi-functional natural alternative to phosphates. Their components are present in nature as natural flavorings. The range TENDERSAN-CL has been developed to increase moisture retention and improve the quality of the final product, preserving juiciness and natural structure. This is the ideal solution for fish and meat (poultry, pork, beef) industries.


How it works

When dissolving TENDERSAN in water, negatively charged molecules are formed and they interact with negatively charged myofibrillar muscle proteins, increasing the interfibrillar space, opening the structure and allowing the entrance of the brine into those spaces. This process affects the fixation of juice and avoids the collapse of muscular structure. The resultant product has an improved juice retention as well as more tender and juicy after cooking.

TENDERSAN-CL does not provoke the fibrillar reticulation, which enables meat structure to keep its natural properties.

How to use it

TENDERSAN-CL is a powder very easy to dissolve even in cold and salty water. The dosage is about 1.5x the equivalent to phosphates.

It can be applied by injection, tumbling, immersion or in direct addition.


where it is used

FRESH PRODUCTS: helping avoid drip losses and to preserve their color.

FROZEN PRODUCTS: avoiding drip losses when defrosting.

RTE PRODUCTS: preserving natural characteristics and protecting against intense or successive thermal treatments, also avoiding the sensation of a very processed product.

  • Pork

    To increase the moisture retention keeping natural texture.

  • Beef

    Since it does not contain phosphates, TENDERSAN will not create a superficial layer of protein, and therefore it will help the meat to look fresh and also keep its color.

  • Poultry

    The fibrous structure of this meat will be preserved, besides from increasing the juiciness.

  • Fish

    Highly recommended due to its quick absorption and great water holding capacity.

Natural solutions for the challenges of the future.