Catalina Food Solutions

Achieving customer and end consumer satisfaction is what motivates us to continue developing our products.


Our experience allows us to create our products with the highest quality and safety. Our range of products covers almost all food sectors, from formulas for all types of meat and fish, to all the different types of snacks that can be found on the market.


Taste is essential when it comes to food, a factor that varies depending on the consumer we are targeting. That is why we offer a wide range of flavours adapted to different audiences around the world.

Smell is 60% of what our brain assimilates as flavour, that is why we offer our customers a wide variety of aromas that allow them to add touches to their products that make them stand out.


Appearance is a decisive factor when shopping for and consuming food products. That is why we have specific products that provide an excellent colour and appearance.


The expectations of texture that a consumer has of each food are different. For this reason, sensory analysis plays an extremely important role in the development of those textures, so they have a greater acceptance by the public to whom they are targeted.

Colour in food is decisive. The way in which we perceive one colour or another determines our appreciation of food. In turn it is the colour that affects our appreciation of flavour and, therefore, influences our appetite.


Controlling the loss of liquids from food goes hand-in-hand with extending its shelf life. To do this, we develop ingredients that preserve and improve factors of our customers’ products such as juiciness, consistency and texture.


We know that prolonging the shelf life of products is decisive for our customers. To do this, we use the best ingredients to preserve the food’s properties and prevent the proliferation of microorganisms.


This is one of the essential factors we take into account when carrying out our food formulations. Influencing the percentages of waste and yield of raw materials greatly improves the actual profitability of production.


The creation of tailor-made products is the most effective way to cover all of our customers’ needs. To do this, we develop tailor-made projects in our testing plant.


Food safety is one of our firmest commitments. We work with the highest quality standards to ensure that all our products are safe for consumption.

Zero Food waste

We work to reduce food waste through formulas that extend the shelf life of food and at the same time significantly improve its appearance, colour, flavour and texture.