Catalina Food Solutions

We firmly believe that innovation is essential in order to be competitive in today’s dynamic and constantly changing market. The improvement and development of new products is at the core of our activity and thanks to the analysis of the latest scientific advances and market trends we are able to offer the most innovative food solutions.


Allergens is a new element in terms of food safety that needs to be taken into account in food production. In addition to the physical, chemical and microbiological hazards, the presence of food allergens is evaluated during each and every one of the processes we carry out to offer a product that is 100% safe.

More and more consumers are conscious of healthy eating and especially food that is free from additives. This has led to the “Clean Label” becoming a standard within the food industry.

This ensures that the ingredient list of food products is free from both incomprehensible terms and artificial ingredients.

Vegan option

Although food trends and customer consumption habits are constantly changing, appearance is always a decisive factor in the shopping experience and consumption of food products. That is why we have specific products that provide an excellent colour, appearance and texture for both vegetarian and vegan products.