Export Without Barriers: The New Era of Brazilian Competitiveness in the EU

Advancing Brazilian Exports

The digital era in international trade has led the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA) to celebrate a significant milestone with the implementation of the new Digital Certificate of Origin for exports to the European Union. This change promises to optimize timing and reduce bureaucracy, marking a before and after in the competitiveness of Brazilian exporters.

Elimination of Bureaucratic Barriers

Towards a more efficient trade and replacing outdated paper procedures with electronic certification, exporters benefit from a significant reduction in costs and waiting times. This advance not only simplifies the process but also makes it more accessible.

Impact on Competitiveness

This new measure strengthens Brazil’s position in the global market, and according to the ABPA, this new mode of certification, similar to that previously established with the United Kingdom, has proven to be a key factor in increasing planning capacity and competitiveness in exports.

Looking Towards the Future

The successful implementation of this process with the EU, following positive results with the United Kingdom, suggests solid gains for Brazilian exporters. This achievement not only highlights efficiency and innovation in the sector but also demonstrates Brazil’s commitment to the continuous improvement of its export capabilities.