Catalina Food Solutions

Clean Label product range

Given the growing demand for Clean Label products within the food sector, our commitment as a company with a long history is to respond to the needs and concerns of consumers. That is why our R&D&I department continually works to offer solutions that incorporate ingredients of natural origin in substitution of chemical or synthetic additives that, increasingly, are not what consumers want. At the moment, it seems that this trend to improve lifestyle and eating habits will continue to grow, therefore CATALINA FOOD SOLUTIONS is prepared to play an active role in this change and face the challenges that may arise from customers in the meat, fish and snacks sectors. Broadly speaking, we can summarise what we offer with the guarantee of cleaner and more attractive labels without any detriment to the final product. Our commitment to the highest quality has led us to constantly reformulating our products. If you are a customer (current or potential) and you need our specialised advice for obtaining foods with lower content in trans fats, allergens, sugars, artificial flavour enhancers, preservatives and colourings, do not hesitate to contact us.