New research project

At CATALINA FOOD SOLUTIONS SL we are developing a research project that consists of “INCREASING THE USEFUL LIFE OF FRESH FISH THROUGH THE INHIBITION OF HISTAMINE PRODUCTION”.The main objective of this project is the development of a technological strategy that reduces the accumulation of Biogenic Amines in food products, taking as a model histamine, based … Read more New research project

New nut flavouring

Catalina Food Solutions S.L. is currently carrying out a project with funding from the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) – IDI 20171122. The objective of this project is the design, development and application of a bifunctional flavouring formula that combines aroma and flavour, nutritional reinforcement and technological protection that leads to the control of … Read more New nut flavouring

IFS and BRC certification

With our continued growth both nationally and internationally, always developing new products for our customers and partners while adapting to market changes, it was logical for us to add the IFS and the BRC certificates to our quality certification. Both are internationally recognised as proof of compliance with food safety legislation.